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2 Ponies offers basic exercising to fill in the gaps when you are not able to ride or work your horse.

A round pen or arena is preferred. Some exercises offered in addition to ridden exercise are:

   •Hand walking

   •Longeing, long lining, ground driving (can include
     over ground poles)

Even if recovering from an injury, the following can

help if OK’d by vet:

   •Flexing body parts that are not injured  

   •Belly exercises to promote abdominal strength

   •In-hand walking/trotting over ground poles to

      improve abdominals, hind end and top line

groundwork & lessons

Learn pressure and release techniques to improve your horse’s ground manners and prepare for work under saddle! Learn to longe, long line and ground drive a horse. These activities can be a fun way of bonding, desensitizing and exercising a horse.

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