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LAST OF A BREED A Rio Grande finale at Helper, Utah Mike Danneman


Nestled between the Wasatch Mountains and intermountain desert of Utah, a town named Helper sheltered a vision of the past. Join us for a look at what we found. Illustrated with 320 Mike Danneman photographs, this 240-page book documents the final days of Rio Grande Tunnel Motor locomotives operating on the Union Pacific, laced with stories of rail-roading in the old days from the Rio Grande men that ran them.

ISBN: 978-1-61584-358-9  List price $69.95, hardcover, all color. Sold out, (check out Amazon.com).  2 Ponies Publishing

MONTANA RAIL LINK Mike Danneman & Dave Gayer


This volume documents the first two decades of operation for Montana Rail Link. Formed in 1987, Rail Link began with 900 miles of cast off railroad, a hand-me-down collection of equipment and a customer base uncertain of its service commitment. Today, MRL has become the poster child for successful regional rail-roading. Set in Montana and northern Idaho, the route runs through some of the most stunning landscape offered up by the former Northern Pacific. This includes the tough grades of Mullan and Bozeman Passes.

ISBN: 1-932804-08-0  List price $79.95, hardcover, all color. 176 pages. Sold out, (check out Amazon.com). White River Productions



“Through the Rockies, Not Around Them,” was one of the Denver & Rio Grande’s immodest mottoes. The scenic beauty and remoteness of the Rio Grande route did not wane as the railroad moved ahead into the Golden Years of Railroading. With passenger service notably provided by trains such as the Prospector, Royal Gorge, and, the premier domeliner, California Zephyr, the Rio Grande was recognized as the “Scenic Line of the World.” Within this book you’ll find 100+ stunning photos from the David P. Morgan Memorial Library of Kalmbach Publishing Co., depicting both passenger and freight trains of the Rio Grande, traversing its scenic routes.

ISBN: 0-89024-365-4  List price $21.95, soft cover, Black & White. 128 pages.
Kalmbach Publishing

STEEL RAILS ACROSS AMERICA Gary Dozall and Mike Danneman


Discover the drama and diversity of American railroading. Witness the flashy passenger trains of Amtrak and America’s various commuter operators; see freight-hauling railroads, from super-sized giants like Union Pacific and Conrail to new regional railroads, to diminutive short lines, going about the task of moving more than 1 billion tons of freight every year. Best of all, travel across the contiguous United States to discover the diverse sights of railroading, and of America itself. See trains climbing over the remote summits of the Alleghenies, the Rockies, the Cascades; follow trains drawing through the concrete-and-brick urban canyons of Manhattan and Chicago; and stand trackside at hundreds of remarkable locations to witness, up close, the glory of railroading.

ISBN: 0-89024-097-3  Hardcover, all color. 208 pages, 253 color photographs.
Out of print, (check out Amazon.com).
Kalmbach Publishing, copyright 1989.

THE SPIRIT OF RAILROADING Gary Dozall and Mike Danneman


Through 15 decades, railroading has retained a spirit that calls to the human mind and heart, and that makes us venture to trackside to witness its enduring drama. This book documents the modern face of railroading, and that timeless spirit. Accompany North America’s premier railroad photographers as you travel from Nova Scotia to New Mexico, to Alaska, to witness the contemporary railroad scene. Coverage includes North America’s nine “super railroads”, the ever-changing regional and shortline freight carriers, and passenger railroads including Amtrak, Canada’s VIA Rail, and colorful commuter carriers.

ISBN: 0-89024-116-3  Hardcover, all color. 196 pages, 239 color photos.
Out of print, (check out Amazon.com)
Kalmbach Publishing, copyright 1991.



Adding a backdrop and background scenery to your model railroad is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance its overall appearance. By following the instructions, information, and color photographs presented in this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Construct a backdrop for a layout of any size,  shape, or scale.
  • Work confidently with acrylic paints, brushes and other  art supplies.
  • Finish and paint a backdrop to suit any model railroad landscape.
  • Blend layout scenery with your backdrop to create realistic, expansive scenes, including various ground coverings, trees, rock formations, and waterways.

ISBN: 0-89024-323-9. List price $17.95, softcover, all color. 80 pages.
Kalmbach Publishing


A backdrop can provide depth and realism to any layout. It can also hide distractions around the layout and focus attention where you want it. This book shows you how simple it is to create an effective backdrop. The painting techniques presented in the book are highly illustrated and easy to follow. All the steps are covered, from planning through building to painting. Other methods, such as using photos and commercial backdrops are also included.

No matter where your layout is set, there is a chapter detailing a backdrop for it. You’ll learn how to:

    • Select the proper paints and supplies
    • Create a city or town backdrop
    • Paint desert, mountain and rural scenes
    • Add clouds and blend the backdrop in with the scenery.

ISBN: 978-0-89024-705-1  List price $18.95, softcover, all color. 80 pages.
Kalmbach Publishing