Rail Art prints available to order

Skirting The Storm (SA-14)


Western Pacific's California Zephyr on the high desert east of Portola, California. Train number 18 highballs Eastward on the Western Pacific railroad. Size: 15” x 30”,  $75.00.

Amtrak's Chicago (SA-3)


Chicago is a big hub for Amtrak passenger trains, and a great place to see a nice sampling of their locomotive fleet. The majestic Sears Tower stands tall in the center background. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Autumn On The Boston & Maine (P-13)


New England autumn color and a trio of brand-new Boston and Maine GP40-2's. Size: 12” x 16”, $25.00.

Pioneer Zephyr (SA-2)


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.The 9900 Pioneer Zephyr was the first passenger carrying train to be powered by a diesel-electric locomotive. Number 9900 rolled out of Edward G. Budd Philadelphia plant on April 7, 1934. The 3 car train consisted of a POWER CAR with a RPO & mail storage. The middle car contains baggage express, buffet grill & 20 coach seats. The third car has 40 coach seats and a 12 seat observation lounge at the rear. Sizes: 18” x 24”, $75.00;       12” x 16”, $25.00.

The California Zephyr (SL-1)


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.The California Zephyr was a luxurious streamliner running from Chicago to San Francisco through some of the most beautiful scenery available. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Rio Grande's California Zephyr (SA-8)


Eastbound California Zephyr on the Rio Grande's Moffat Tunnel mainline dropping through Crescent, Colo., on it's decent into Denver. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

CN's Super Continental (SA-9)


Canadian National's Super Continental climbs out of Jasper, Alberta on a winter day in the Canadian Rockies. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

C&NW Freight F's (SA-4)


Freshly painted Chicago & North Western EMD F-Units kick up snow while leaning into a bend with a heavy freight. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Rio Grande's Royal Gorge (SL-9)


This scene depicts the Rio Grande's Royal Gorge headed west near Salida, Colorado, pulled by a team of Alco and EMD power, a PA1 and an F7B. In the background is the beautiful Sangre de Cristo range.
Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Great Northern Empire Builder (SA-11)


Here westbound No. 1 is descending the railway's easy passage over the 5,213-foot Continental Divide summit in the southern edge of Glacier Park in the Montana Rockies. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Missouri Pacific (SL-2)


The scene depicts Missouri Pacific train number 12, the Colorado Eagle, slicing through the snow along the frozen Missouri River. The train is led by two of MP's distinctive EMD E7's having the custom side panels with portholes.  Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

The Tippecanoe (SL-7)


The Tippecanoe was an institution on the Monon Railroad. This scene depicts the northbound and southbound runs of the Tippecanoe meeting in the summer of 1948, along the shore of Cedar Lake, Indiana. The EMD F3A's and passenger cars are painted in the memorable red-and-grey scheme designed by Raymond Loewy.
Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

New England States (SL-8)


Westbound New England States,  a premier New York Central coach train, on New York Central's Boston & Albany line as it climbs out of the Connecticut River valley in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Its motive power, three EMD E units including E8 4053, and E7B, and an E7A, was typical for all Central streamliners of the time, sport the railroad's classy two-tone gray "Lightning Stripe" scheme.
Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

North Coast Limited (SA-12)


The Northern Pacific "North Coast Limited" is seen westbound on the Homestake Pass, above Butte, Montana.
A beautiful two-toned green A-B-A set of Electro-Motive Division F9's heads up the consist.
Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Handing Up Orders On The Pennsy (SA-10)


Seven miles west of Indianapolis Union Station is Davis Tower were the I&F Branch heads northward for Logansport off of Pennsylvania's St. Louis mainline. Pennsy J1a 6498 storms westward with a freight, picking up orders from the Davis tower operator on the fly. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

The RockyMountain Rocket (SL-3)


A typical summer afternoon at Limon, Colorado. The Colorado Springs section of the Rocky Mountain Rocket with an AB6 pauses next to the depot ready for the combining of trains. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

El Capitan at Sullivan's Curve (SA-13)


This painting is based on one of Herb Sullivan's famous photographs. It depicts the eastbound Santa Fe El Capitan at Sullivan's Curve. The train is led by classy Pacific 1226. The road power for the El Capitan is an E1A number 6 and an E6B. And yes, that's Herb photographing the train on the right. Size: 18” x 24”, $75.00.

Santa Fe Chief (SA-7)


The Santa Fe's westbound Chief roars through the curves at Chalender, Arizona on a crisp winter afternoon. It is the early 1950's and ALCo PA 58L and sisters are all still shiny and new. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Santa Fe El Capitan (SA-6)


Santa Fe Railway’s El Capitan, with two FP45 locomotives, 7200 HP, climbing the high desert of Arizona during a crowded 1968 holiday season when the El Capitan ran as the second section of the Super Chief and was a pure Hi-Level, all coach, passenger train. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Leland's Warbonnet (SA-1)


Artist,  Leland A. Knickerbocker, leaned over his drawing board in 1937. In front of him lay drawings of Electro-Motive Corporation's new streamlined E1A locomotive being built for the Santa Fe to power the road's premier passenger train, the Super Chief. He had to come up with a design to complement the Southwest motif of the train and the graceful flowing lines of this new diesel from La Grange.

The Warbonnet image has stood the test of time and the modern Super Fleet diesels of today's Santa Fe prove it. But the design never looked so good as it did on E1A No. 2. Thanks, Leland. This painting's for you. Sizes: 18” x 24”, $75.00;  12” x 16”, $25.00.

The Super Chief (SL-6)


The scene depicts the first class section of Train 17, the Santa Fe Super Chief, swinging through the curves between Glorieta and Raton, New Mexico. Let by two F7A's and two F7B's, there is ample power for today's train. Clad in the world famous red warbonnet paint scheme, the Super Chief will forever be remembered as one of the classics in railroading. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

A Soo Line Christmas Eve (P-18)


A Soo Line running on Christmas Eve. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Winter Sunset on the Soo Line (P-12)


As the sun sets, a Soo Line extra punches its way through the solid, crisp winterscape. A class N-20 4-8-2, built by Soo Line in their own Shoreham (Minneapolis) Shops, is plenty of muscle for today's long freight drag.
Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

The Shasta Daylight (SL-5)


Southern Pacific train number 10, the Shasta Daylight, at Upton Siding east of the town of Mt. Shasta, California. A snowy Mt. Shasta, the prominent landmark in the area, looms above the steamliner in the background. With 6000 HP worth of Alco power on the point, the 15 car train and its schedule are in good shape. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Union Pacific San Francisco Overland (P-15)


Union Pacific San Francisco Overland. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

Union Pacific Centennials Meet In Weber Canyon (P-11)


Rushing westbound through scenic Weber Canyon, with a view from the engineer's seat of an EMD DDA40X "Centennial" of the Union Pacific. An eastbound approaches with another Centennial, number 6929, on the point. The spectacular Wasatch Range looms in the background. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.

GP30 Sunset (P-14)


The GP30 of EMD, the Electo-Motive Division of General Motors, was a benchmark in the history of diesel-electric motive power. Produced for only 29 months in 1961-1963, the 2250 HP GP30 was EMD's quick answer for the 2500 HP U25B introduced at the same time by new domestic competitor General Electric. The 1980's spelled the beginning of the end for the GP30, as Class 1 railroads rid themselves of their early, less fuel-efficient diesels. As the sun sets in a golden western sky, one last warrior charges past, of the model they call GP30. Size: 12” x 16”,  $25.00.